Friday, 8 August 2014

One week 'til Legacy 2.0 Releases...

... and this week's First Look Friday is up! Check out my FB page for the latest Legacy teaser and a chance to win your own copy on release day!!!

Friday, 25 July 2014

LEGACY 2.0 Release Date and Giveaways...

If you haven't already, be sure to pop by my FB page to get all the latest info on Legacy's release and learn how you could score yourself a copy!!

Oh, and here's a copy of yesterday's First Look.  Enjoy! xo

“Sebastian!” I shriek as he charges into the surf. “Put me down. Now!”
He slows. “Are you sure?”
Chuckling darkly, he stops. In the distance Alaik’s carving it up like he’s on the pro circuit, and for a second I almost forget it’s not summer. But then I hit the water. And scream.
“Are you crazy?” I splutter as the icy wash slaps against my thighs. “It’s f-freezing!” 
“It is,” he agrees huskily, nuzzling my neck. “That’s the whole point.” Without warning he plants his scorching hands on my hips and lifts me from the surf. 
Gasping, I hook my legs around his waist. “You don’t play fair,” I mutter, tightening my hold on his neck. But it’s hard to stay mad when my stomach is all aflutter and he’s looking at me like I’m the air he needs to breathe. 
“Who said anything about playing fair?” he quips, his voice thick as he wades out farther, stopping when he’s almost chest deep. Angling so he bears the brunt of the breakers, I fit myself against him. The stunning contrast of his skin against the icy current raises goose bumps on my flesh; but as he brings his lips to mine fire courses through my veins.
"I love you," I vow suddenly. 
I feel him smile. "As I love you." Knotting his fingers through my hair, he deepens our kiss and I let out a tortured moan.
“Oh, please. Spare us,” a droll voice mocks as we’re doused in salty spray.
“Alaik!” I yelp as Sebastian tries but fails to shield me from the deluge.
“Brother, you really shouldn’t have done that.” 
Smirking, Alaik doubles back to deliver another spray. “What was that, Bastian? Another empty threat?” With a wicked grin he cuts left, bearing directly for the shore. 
“And that, my love, is what you call the final straw,” Sebastian mutters, peeling my arms from his neck. “We’ll pick this up later,” he promises then kisses me, hard.
“Okay,” I breathe, trying to blink away the amber starbursts that suddenly dot my vision. “And Sebastian?”
He stops, tilting his head as he carefully scans my face. 
“Make him pay.”

Monday, 26 May 2014

Music Monday Pick Explained...

Yesterday over on my FB page I posted: "Writing to Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin this #musicmonday. Should be pretty clear why."

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I find music SO incredibly inspiring.  I can (and often do) listen to a particular song on repeat for hours because it takes me "there" within my story, making the voices and emotions of my characters beyond palpable, and this song is no exception.

So why did this song speak to me?  
Well, here's the link to the official video so you can take a listen along with the lyrics below.  
***Spoiler Alert: After the lyrics, I'll tell you why.


You are the avalanche
One world away
My make believing
While I’m wide awake
Just a trick of light
To bring me back around again
Those wild eyes
A psychedelic silhouette
I never meant to fall for you but
I was buried underneath and all that I could see
Was white
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
You are the snowstorm
I’m purified
The darkest fairytale
In the dead of night
Let the band play out
As I’m making my way home again
Glorious we transcend
Into a psychedelic silhouette
I never meant to fall for you but I
Was buried underneath and all that I could see was white
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my
My salvation, my my

The mood, the lyrics, everything about this song speaks of Bree and Alaik to me - from Alaik's perspective. Theirs is such a beautifully complicated relationship, and Legacy (2.0) is a testament to just how much I love them. 

Not long now.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Thoughts on Writing

Yesterday, I caught up with a dear friend of mine. She is the kind of friend that always makes me see things clearer after we're together, makes me remember what's important. And she's a great support when it comes to what I do.

Everyone should have a friend like her.

As most of you know, I didn't start out a writer. Part of me still feels like the "writer hat" I wear most days doesn't quite fit like it should. But when I try to take it off, to shove it in a cupboard and forget I ever discovered it under my mountain of pencil skirts and grey suits, it somehow ends up being the first thing I reach for the next morning.

See, writing is part of who I am now. Not a day passes where I'm not thinking about my characters, or a pesky plot point, or whether I could make a certain scene stronger, or whether I'm any good at this at all. It is a massive roller coaster - the highs are dizzying and the lows can be crushing (and I'm not talking about reviews; I'm talking about that one sentence you spend hours polishing only to walk away in disgust one day, then nail it with the barest thought the next). But in the end, I can't live without it.

I like that what I do can make someone else's day brighter. I love opening up my inbox and getting messages from readers saying that because of my books their day/week/year is better. I'm humbled to hear that my books have made kids that don't like to read ignore facebook and TV and get lost in a world with my characters. I love that people care enough about my stories and characters that they actually want more.

I literally pinch myself each time I meet a new fan.

But the one thing I find when I get talking to people about what I do is that the reality of what I do day in, day out is very different to what they imagine. I don't sit down each morning in some awesome cafe opposite a beach and churn out a cool 1000 words before lunch. Most mornings I hit the box (what CrossFitters call a gym) at 5am with Ben (that's our alarm screeching at 4.25am), finish up around 6.30am, get cleaned up, have breakfast then sit down to write in my office around 8am. I usually start by reviewing my work from the day before, and maybe by 10am I'm onto writing fresh stuff. I write until noon-ish (sometimes later) then break for lunch. After lunch, I usually hit the keyboard for another few hours until it's time for Bold and the Beautiful (a guilty pleasure I blame on my mother) and then comes the dinner routine. On weekends I do the same (though only for two to three hours) but most months of the year this is a seven day a week gig. I've been told many times (mostly by former colleagues) that it's a lot of work for $0.99, and I tell them that I love it. They look at me like I'm crazy and I look at them like they're missing the point - because they are.

It is hard work but it is rewarding, and that makes me happy. It is an itch I have to scratch, it soothes my soul and I'll never do anything else.

I wish the same for you.

Happy reading, writing and dreaming.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Legacy 2.0

It's summer here in Oz right now, and it is seriously the hottest one I can remember, so forgive me if this post is a little blunt!
It's been a challenging week - I ripped my palms open doing pull ups ('Fran Hands' for my CrossFit readers) and the rest of the time I've been chained to my desk trying not to melt while recovering files from my external hard drive after my computer actually did melt.

Anyhow, now that I've picked up my bottom lip, I'm ready to finally talk about the silver lining in all of this.  I have files to recover, and for that I'm grateful. If I hadn't backed up, I would've lost everything - photos, all my Tri-Realms and Timing Fate files, and I'd probably be writing this post from a psych ward.  

But I'm not - though that's not to say this whole ordeal has had no impact, because it has.  For the past few days I've been madly trying to re-polish the last 15% of Legacy in time for my birthday on the 27th (which is when I'd planned to hit publish), but as I sat hunched over my laptop this morning I had to finally admit to myself that I'm not a miracle worker and I simply won't be able to redo that last 15% in time. I'm sorry. You deserve the best product possible - and I'm not prepared to part with anything less.  I spent the better part of the last year re-writing all three installments. I can't even begin to describe my frustration at having to write parts of Legacy a third time. 

But like I said, there's a silver lining. Most of Legacy is fine - and here's a little sneak peek of one of my favourite scenes that survived.  Enjoy. xo

When I finally pull myself together, I head out to the kitchen and down several glasses of water.  With Sebastian gone the house is eerily silent, and as I lean against the sink I realize I don’t sense anyone else here.  Peering outside I see that lights are on above the garage.
I frown. 
For some reason Erasmus and Hannah are shielded.  And suddenly all I can think about is what Sebastian said before.  
“A penny for your thoughts?” a droll voice offers.
Gasping, I whirl around, pitching my now-empty tumbler with startling accuracy.  Clipping the edge of the refrigerator it explodes, showering Alaik with razor-sharp slivers. 
We stare at each other, stunned.
“Nice arm,” he observes wryly.
Shrugging, he holds out his arms for me to inspect them.  “No harm done.” 
Curious, I take a look.  “Lucky,” I mutter, seeing there’s no mark; then wander off to get the dustpan and brush. 
When I return, Alaik plucks them from my hands.  “Allow me,” he says coolly, crouching down to sweep up the shattered glass.  Perplexed, I lean against the doorway and watch him. 
“You were shielded,” I say, unable to keep the accusation from my tone as he saunters past me to dump out the mess.
“I was,” he agrees.  He takes his time to put the brush away.
He turns.  Slowly.  “Does there have to be a reason?”
“With you?  Usually.”
He smirks.  “I suppose I deserve that.” 
The tension between us is palpable as he joins me in the doorway.  He’s so close that I can see the curve of his pale lashes and the intricate pattern of his irises.  
Suddenly, he grips the doorframe by my head.  “Maybe I just like to surprise you.”